COVID 19 - Informations & Updates


As a local business currently operating in a pandemic situation, KATA is taking extra measures to protect you and also make sure your goods are delivered safely.

We promise to process your order as fast as we can, but being way more careful while packing due to COVID, may also mean taking a bit more time to do so. We kindly want to remind you that operating an independent business in a world crisis is a true challenge and we are doing more than our best to meet your expectations.

How does COVID19 can affect my shipment?

All of our goods are shipped through CANADA POST. 

Poste Canada Delais

Once Canada Post takes charge of the parcel, it is THEIR responsibility to deliver it to you promptly. As soon as it’s in their hands, KATA can’t control anything about the shipment, and any claim or follow up needs to be done on the Canada Post Website & Customer Service. Due to a very high volume of shipments, all carriers are currently late in their deliveries and it may or may not affect your order in those ways :

  • The delivery of an item can take up to twice the time it normally takes for you to receive it through regular mail due to Canada Post high volume and safety measures.
  • Your tracking may not be updated as fast as your parcel is moving. If you received a tracking number, it means that your order has left our office and is in the hands of the postal service. Follow-ups need to be done with them directly. 
  • If you chose a free delivery option without tracking, you also chose the liability of this service and can’t be updated on the shipment until it’s received. In the rare circumstances of the package getting lost by the carrier, KATA isn’t responsible, the carrier is. 
  • Every business is shipping from a different location, with a different volume, at different addresses. Rapidly receiving an order from an other store doesn’t mean we didn’t do our job in processing your items. Multiple unique factors can affect a single shipment, every situation is different, especially during a pandemic.

We invite you to learn a bit more about how the current pandemic is affecting shipments and independent businesses in your local media, per example this article from La Presse.

Thanks so much for your understanding and support. #StaySafe